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Nav-e-sink or Swim Distance Festival

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Sunday May 30, 2021 8:00AM

We have made the decision that because of the Covid-19 restrictions  in our area, we will not be able to conduct the 2020 Nav-e-Sink or Swim Festival this year. Many have already emailed us with concerns of not being able to train. We originally moved it to June 14th with an effort to buy us more time, but it really seems like the best thing to do is cancel. Any later in June or the rest of the summer, jellyfish usually come into the river, making it difficult to swim.

We have moved the event and all current entries to the 2021 date of May 30th, Memorial Weekend Sunday. Nothing more needs to be done by you.

We do realize this is not the ideal situation for some, but considering the costs of refunds to all (extra charges from processing) it is difficult to refund all. See link below to request a refund or confirm virtual.

We have imported all current participants entered into our timing system so that people can do the event virtually (swim on your own and record your time online). This is all we can do at this time. Details will be sent to you along with a link to be able to submit your times on or around May 26th. Since the swim has always been 1.2 or 2.4 achieve that distance, we always had to direct people to the curve of the Rumson coastline to make up the distance. We will be setting up the event to be a 2000 yard swim 1.14 miles or 4000 yard swim 2.27 mile, which is a GPS recording of the distance to the sandbar and back, without the curve, thank you Brian.  What we might do is try to set it up so people can swim both distances, possibly even twice each and record each one so that people can see their progress, give us some time to set up and test. For all pre registered, this will be at no additional charge. It is our way of saying thank you for supporting the event over the years. We will allow others to join in at a minimal cost should they want to join the fun!!

There are a few conditions on doing a virtual event. At NO TIME will you be able to swim without a buddy to swim with!! This is extremely important and this is an absolute must.

Secondly, since people have been able to swim at Victory Park, we do know that neighbors are already calling the police to report “groups of people swimming together” Until yesterday 5/22, we were restricted to 10 or less, but that limit has been changed to 25. We really need to stress the fact that we should try our best to keep any groups to 15 or less, otherwise we might jeopardize the venue for all, and Rumson could shut the park to no swimming  and then it is out completely to all. If more show up, please try to spread yourselves out along the beach, in the grass, someone is always watching and will maybe be taking pictures and sending or posting them. Let’s not let this happen.

We do hope that this finds everyone well and safe and hopefully getting back to training and even racing soon!

Split Second Racing

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Entry fee for new Virtual Swimmers Enter Here

$8.00 plus $2 processing

Race Price Start Time Sanctioning Organization

1.2 Mile Swim - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $40.00 - Late Registration after May 1 8:00 am N/A
2.4 Mile Swim - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $40.00 - Late Registration after May 1 8:00 am N/A
Kids Swim 150 yards - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $20.00 - Late Registration after May 1 10:00 am N/A