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Timing Overview

Timing is what sets Race Forum apart and makes it the one-stop shop for all things racing. Our partnership with Split Second Racing allows us to provide high quality timing services along with advertising and online registration packages to turn any event into a hit.

Choosing to use online registration with Race Forum also qualifies events for an exclusive 15% discount on timing packages, resulting in prices that cannot be matched anywhere else.

About Split Second Racing

Split Second Racing has been successfully timing and producing races since 1989. We put on events ranging from marathons to fun runs and everything in between. Offering finish line services, instant timing results, and qualified timing professionals to run your race, Split Second Racing has it all.

No matter which solution you choose for your event, Split Second Racing and our team of qualified timers will be there to get the job done with the most advanced technologies available. Ranging from 25 to over 10,000 participants, we time and assist at hundreds of events throughout New Jersey and New York.

At Split Second Racing, we are racers too. We understand every detail of the racing events, from the participant standpoint as well as behind the scenes. We know small details can make a big difference, and we want your racing experience to be as positive as it can be! It is our promise to always treat your event as if it were our own.