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Paddle For The Bay

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Saturday Aug 20, 2022 8:00AM



This is a one time event to break a Guinness World Record for the most kayaks and canoes in a continuous mile long parade. The current world record of 329 boats is held in Poland. Launch your boat at the beachs along Pine Beach, Beachwood, or any location on the Toms River and paddle over to the Official  Tent at Avon Beach Lot at Riverside Drive and Avon Road.  Official start time is 8:00 AM and check-in will begin at 7:30 AM and will remain open until 11:00 AM.  Sign-in tent will be at this beach where you will get your official boat number and participant wrist band.  Boats will head east along the Pine Beach shoreline for one half mile, pass the Pine Beach Yacht Club and then paddle back to the finish line. This is a rain or shine event, No Refunds!  Registration fee is per boat. It's not a race and not a mass start so you all don't have to show up at 7:30! This is a "Green" event, meaning no metals, tee shirts, water or food will be provided.  The thrill of participating in this fun event is your reward! Be sure to list your group or orginazation name when registering! Largest group to complete will be able to print a "Bragging Rights" certificate.  All participants must be physically able to paddle the distance unassisted and must wear an approved life jacket. Proceeds will go to the non profit group "Save Barnegat Bay".  Please visit their site at to learn all they do to educate and advocate for the Bay.   More information on parking and launching locations will be added so check back to this site often as more details will be added as they develop.  We will be adding drop off boat sites and parking sites, as you can imagine, this can be challenging for participants and residents! This is a fun event, not a race and we hope you will enjoy paddling on the beautiful Toms River!      UPDATE #1:  PARKING 1. Parking lot at Avon Beach and walk your boat across the street to the beach.  2. Launch boat at the end of Monument Ave.  and then park your vehicle at Pine Beach Elementary School, two blocks away on Pennsylvania Ave. and walk back to boat.  3. Parking lot at Beachwood Beach, launch boat, complete event and pack-up and move promptly please. 4.  Huddy Park, Toms River parking lot on Water Street is a pay for parking and has a dock/kayak launch.  5.  Launch your boat from anywhere on the river that you are familiar with and paddle to start.  This is not a mass start and we would like to have boats spread out so you can start from 8:00 to 11:00 AM

Race Price Start Time Sanctioning Organization

Kayak/Canoe Challenge - Other - Kayak/Canoe Challenge $15.00 - Late Registration after 8/15 8:00 am N/A

Fundraising Stats

Lauren D. $5.00 Brandon R. $10.00 John P. - Great organization $10.00 Joshua B. $10.00 ROBIN L. $25.00 Lindsey S. $5.00 Colin M. - We’ll be bringing approx 4 boats between our 2 groups $30.00 Thomas W. $30.00 Courtney P. - Good luck! $30.00 Steven f. $25.00 Mark B. $20.00 Robert G. $5.00 Diane H. $25.00 Michael S. $20.00 Jane S. $10.00 Jane S. $10.00 Jane S. $10.00 Laura P. $25.00 john s. $10.00 elizabeth e. - Thanks for organizing a great event for the Bay $40.00 Mary M. $20.00 Maryanne C. - So excited to be involved in this fun event! Let’s all be safe and have a fabulous time! $10.00 Vanessa B. - So excited to be apart of this!!! $30.00 Shirley B. $25.00 Juan b. $50.00 Julie H. $20.00 RUSSELL W. $50.00 Carroll B. $10.00 lynn n. $10.00 Irene R. - Great cause and event. Last chance for a World Record. My attempts at breaking the most naps record have failed to yield a World Record yet. $100.00 Susan M. $25.00 Rene B. $10.00 Melissa D. - Looking forward to this event! $10.00 Charles H. $20.00 Joshua R. $20.00 Gallo M. $25.00 David R. $20.00 Jeanne s. $5.00 Deborah R. $50.00 Natalie B. $10.00 Bridget D. $10.00 Ariel E. $5.00 Melonie M. $20.00 Gabriella L. $20.00 Kieth G. $10.00 Terry S. $10.00 Eileen W. $10.00 Edmund T. - Proud of my sister Sandy Rinderer for organizing this event ! $10.00 Nancy S. $20.00 Renee G. $10.00 Joel M. - Keeping our backyard beautiful and healthy $10.00 Kathleen B. $20.00 John P. $10.00 Barbara K. $25.00 Leslie M. $10.00 Anthony S. - Barnegat Bay is priceless, this event should be a lot of fun too. $25.00 Lisa C. $10.00 John L. $10.00 Edward C. $10.00 Steven M. $20.00 David F. $10.00 Jeanne M. $25.00 Andrew B. $10.00 Pamela F. $10.00 Alan F. $10.00 Lauren B. $10.00 Cynthia F. $10.00 Rose B. - Great Cause, Let's Do This!! $150.00 Wendy S. $20.00 Danielle P. $10.00 Thelma L. $30.00 Helen B. $10.00 Bruce B. - Thank you for organizing this! $25.00 Lynn B. - This is awesome $25.00 James A. $50.00 Daniel B. $20.00 Matthew S. $10.00 David B. $10.00 Patricia J. - In honor of my father, spent his summers down the shore, crabbing, fishing, and then passed his love onto his family. Entered eternal rest in 2021. This is for him. $10.00 Gary W. $10.00 Debra H. $15.00 Marianne K. $25.00 David W. $60.00 Deborah D. $10.00 Shelley S. $10.00 Maria v. $20.00 Roxane E. $20.00 Olivia W. $5.00 John R. $5.00 Roberto D. - Ready to save the waters! While breaking a world record! $5.00 Alton H. - Glad to donate to an organization that is saving the Barnegat Bay. Keep up the good work. $20.00 Victoria $10.00 Gregory K. $10.00 Susan S. $10.00 Edward C. $10.00 Kevin R. $10.00 Jose C. $5.00 Eric W. $20.00 Dale C. $50.00 Wayne H. - Great idea! $40.00 Paul Y. $10.00 Erin H. $10.00 Christine B. $50.00 Louis C. $20.00 Rocco L. $25.00 Jason A. $25.00 Carolyn K. $20.00 Sharon P. $5.00 Doug S. $10.00 Martha H. $10.00 Mary P. - Save Our Bay $10.00 Janine a. - Give back to nature $25.00 Charlene o. $15.00 Karen H. $10.00 Jocelyn B. $10.00 Sue - Thanks for creating this event $10.00 Carl A. $25.00 Michael H. $10.00 James H. $10.00 Jerold C. $25.00 William D. - Great idea $10.00 Kimberly S. $5.00 Catherine C. $10.00 William S. $100.00 George P. $5.00 Leslie W. $30.00 Debora M. $50.00 Lynn M. $50.00 Christopher H. $25.00 Kathleen W. $5.00 Jo R. $10.00 Barbara O. $20.00 Pamela E. $5.00 J R. $10.00 Melvin R. $10.00 Paul O. $20.00 Teri G. $10.00 Jane W. $50.00 Robin D. $10.00 Joan H. $10.00 Melanie F. $25.00 Forrest J. $5.00 Peter F. - Have a great day!! $50.00 Christine M. $10.00 Joseph P. $20.00 Jeffrey W. - Meetup Wine & Beverage friends of S.J. $20.00 Carl I. $25.00 Robert M. $20.00 Eric J. $10.00 Danielle d. $10.00 Danielle D. $10.00 Diana C. $14.32 Thomas M. $30.00 Laura L. $100.00 Theresa B. $5.00 Paul P. $25.00 Lynn p. $25.00