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Virtual Lakeview 5K - May 15 - June 30

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Wednesday Jun 30, 2021 9:30AM

How do YOU 5K? 

Join your friends and family to support the Lakeview 5K and raise funds to support infants, children and adults with disabilities from New Jersey. 

Because of current COVID restrictions an in-person community event is still not possible so we are taking our virtual event to the next level… inspiring our friends to 5K by running, cycling, walking, strolling or rowing.  You can 5K on a track, or a treadmill, in your backyard or on the river… wherever and however you feel most comfortable- because when the community comes together, great things happen!

Whatever you choose to do, you can be a part of this great event. Send your pics to and show us how YOU 5K.  We will post them on social media, so be creative.  If you want to keep track, results are posted, on an honor system, at 

Although there will be no award winners this year, we want to show our appreciation of your support, so every paid registration will receive a specially-designed T shirt that will be sent in July.

The Virtual Lakeview 5K is scheduled May 15 through June 30. Show us how YOU 5K and help make great things happen for children and adults with disabilities. Come on… Keep it Moving-2021!

All proceeds from the Lakeview 5K directly benefit the array of programs of the New Jersey Institute for Disabilities, which provides comprehensive services to more than 1,500 infants, children and adults throughout New Jersey.

Race Price Start Time Sanctioning Organization

5K Run and Walk - Running - 5K $20.00 9:30 am N/A

Fundraising Stats

Kelly D. $25.00 Maria K. $20.00 Wendy S. - Thank you to everyone at Lakeview! $100.00 Danielle G. - Yay Lakeview! Go Team Keefe!!! $25.00 Drew S. - Go Shelly go! $50.00 Cynthia D. $100.00 Alan U. $250.00 debbie d. - WAY TO GO TEAM KEEFE! $100.00 James M. $50.00 Kelly B. - For Team Keefe- Love Ed Kaminski $30.00 Kelly B. - Go Team Keefe- Love Aunt Dolly $200.00 John G. $25.00 sheila s. - Good Luck Lauren! $20.00 Allison V. $25.00 Amelia K. $50.00 Theresa L. - Go Team Shelly!! $50.00 Tiffany L. - Have a great run Shelly! $100.00 Christopher L. - Go Shelly! $100.00 Robert L. - Donation to Team Keefe Love from the Link & Motta Family $100.00 Scott B. - Strong work Team Keefe, the Boland’s $100.00 Donna P. - Bring home the Shoe Angela $25.00 Susan G. - Good luck with your event! $25.00 Anthony B. - Continue to support international unification Sparsh Shah $20.00 Donna V. $50.00 Jason G. $80.00 Allison P. $10.00 Therese G. - Go Team Keefe! Love Terri and Cheryl $50.00 Harriet r. - Happy to support you Angela & your team❤️ $10.00 Stephanie D. $36.00 Keri k. $25.00 Girard B. - Go Team Keefe $100.00 Christina R. $20.00 Sarah K. - We love Lakeview School and all they do for their students. $50.00 Elena P. - Elena & Felipe Pascal $100.00 American E. - From David Gassler- for Team Keefe $200.00 Jennifer A. $150.00 Gary K. - I donate for my sister, Kelly Buzy, and all of her co-workers but more importantly for the kids at Lakeview. GO TEAM KEEFE!! $100.00 Gary K. - Go Team Keefe!! $10.00 Scott F. $100.00 Susan G. - Go Jess, go Team Keefe! $50.00 Eileen C. $20.00 Nancy M. $50.00 Jessica P. - Go Team Keefe $25.00 Mary S. $5.00 Andrea G. - Go Team Keefe Miss You $25.00 Kiran S. - Love and peace $5.00 Alice H. $100.00 Rosevelyn M. - You guys are great . Miss you $25.00 Susan B. - ❤️ $100.00 Laura C. $50.00 Karen R. - Happy rolling from the Ryder family! $100.00 kimianna n. $25.00 Michael R. - Best wishes for this most worthwhile cause $250.00 Leigh G. $5.00 Tammy S. - Go Team Keefe $50.00 Carrie M. $100.00 CHRIS G. $50.00 Megan A. - Go Teem Keefe!! $25.00 Edward K. $50.00 Lorna D. $20.00